Based off some earlier posts I came up with the silly idea to use a random word generator online to provide me with a word. You’re going to have to trust me that I’ll use the first suggestion. I’m reliable, because the guilt would haunt me in my sleep. The suggested word will inspire aContinue reading “Blow”

Whatever you like

Several people have told me to write whatever I like. I like that. Freedom is good right? Right, but it’s also wrong. Of course I write whatever I like. I always write whatever I like. That’s kind of the point of writing. Well, to me it is. I think the challenge I seek is toContinue reading “Whatever you like”

Why not ecology?

A conversation in the comments on another blog post sparked the thought for this one. It was a post on what subjects to write about, which is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. Regulars here will know that I mostly write about my own struggles in life. Struggles to raise myContinue reading “Why not ecology?”

Note to self

While some days – as I wrote yesterday – writing prompts bore me to death, on others they make me think and reflect on life in general. Today’s prompt was one of those, and one I actually like to develop a little post around. What advice would you give to your teenage self? Today’s promptContinue reading “Note to self”

Do I need lists in my life?

I’ve been struggling on the blog lately. Not so much with the writing itself, but rather on the question what to write about. I picked up daily posts again, and I have no intention of quitting it anytime soon. I just love the act of posting something everyday. The warm glow of satisfaction when youContinue reading “Do I need lists in my life?”

Chocolate fondue

We kept Rafa at home from kindergarten yesterday and today. I’ve been fighting a sinus infection myself since about a week, and around the time I seemed to have conquered the bug, Rafa seemed to have picked it up from me. That is, he picked it up again, as I’m pretty sure I got itContinue reading “Chocolate fondue”

Five is all it takes (pt. 2)

It felt pretty good last week to write some words on the things I was grateful for. Grateful is good. Gratitude can turn your mood from shit to alright. Typically if you feel alright, you forget that you should practice gratitude. So, it is best to make gratitude a habit. That’s what this is: meContinue reading “Five is all it takes (pt. 2)”

Glorious ending

Today was a pretty good day. I was stressed out like mad, and overly caffeinated at least three quarters of it, but everything ended well. One might say even better than expected. I’ve been working on a grant proposal as part of a research unit, and it’s been a hectic period of my life, filledContinue reading “Glorious ending”

They’re still here!

It’s been quiet on the plant front lately. When I moved into my new place in December, obviously I moved my plants with me. This was quite a tricky thing with temperatures far below zero at the time. My aroids don’t like frost much. Or any temperature lower than 15 centigrade. For two months, theContinue reading “They’re still here!”