Ripped off for views

Today we had the great idea to take the camper van for a ride. It had been a while since the last time we went to the Alps. Well, maybe not that long, but as December was mostly occupied by the whole family being ill and a move, we barely remembered.

Anyway. Time to roll.

We decided to spend the weekend in the Ammergebirge, which are basically a small range of mountains around Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak.

Along the Ettaler road, we drove towards Plansee, a lake in Austria. As today’s a religious holiday and Austrians apparently take this quite serious, our first campsite and reception were closed for the day. (Wtf?)

We decided to continue around the Plansee, where there was another campsite. We called this time to be sure. They were open.

After checking in, we understood why they were open. Who would close such a little cash cow?

An average campsite or RV lot costs around 15-20 euros give or take.

Here we’ll pay 17 euro for the van, 17 per adult, and 8 per child. That hefty sum of 67 euros per night does not even include electricity.

We stayed because fuck it. We should have left, to be honest… We planned to go for dinner tonight, but a quick glance at the menu told me that the typical Austrian cuisine would cost us 100 euros, not including drinks. It’s not that I dislike Austrian food, but I can get Beergarten food all over Bavaria for a third of the price. Meh.

It made for a very easy decision to cook up a tomato sauce pasta with vegan meatballs (Greenforce brand? They were amazingly good…).

The ingredients probably cost us 7 euros, so combined with the camping cost, we probably still saved ourselves 30 euros today.

Heike chose to be grumpy about the rip off prices, and went to take a hot shower right away to get all value for the money. I – for once – tried to be optimistic about it.

We sort of made money today.

And we’ll have great views tomorrow morning on our morning walk as a bonus. I’ll take it.

(but we’re leaving tomorrow for sure 😂)

In all fairness – pretty sexy views!

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