Hungry mouths

We just got home today after making our way through horrible Austrian and Bavarian slow moving traffic.

I was quite excited about returning home this time. This was mostly because I knew the batch of baby snakes that hatched around the time I left was waiting for me. I usually feed the babies for the first time when they’re about two weeks old. There’s always a couple that refuse. This time, I waited a bit more than three weeks, because, well, I simply couldn’t do it earlier. The babies looked healthy and happy, and I already fed the ones that I selected as potential holdbacks just now (the rest is for tomorrow). All holdbacks fed on their first try. I love that. This is a first for me. Maybe the three week waiting period is not so bad to get them really hungry…? It might trigger the feeding response. Maybe I’m talking gibberish, but it makes sense in my mind.

Two definite holdbacks: a Diffused Lava (orange) and a Diffused Lava Cinder (grey)

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