We made it!

This morning we conquered our first peak in a long time. We really love hiking in the mountains and via ferratas, but especially the latter has become impossible since the birth of our son Rafa. We have always taken Rafa out on mountain hikes, and on his first 2000m hike, he was probably two months old. We always carried him in a sling, which was replaced by a special backpack when he was about a year or so. Hiking in the mountains was our regular getaway on weekends.

Since the birth of Lara, things have changed again. The first months were easy, and we could bring her anywhere in the sling. But then she had a phase that was difficult to handle, and certainly not ideal for mountains. In the meantime, Rafa grew huge, and much more mobile. He started disliking the backpack somewhat, and was certainly not up for a mountain hike.

Today, we hiked from our camper lot, at about 1200m, to a peak of 1642m. Most of the way up, this three year old dude walked himself. And how. He loved it. He said he was our guide, and of course we followed him in that. We enjoyed a beautiful panoramic view over Italy in the South, and the Slovenian Alps in the North. It’s fantastic here.

On the way down, I carried Rafa in the backpack. Heike and I were surprised about how fit we felt on the way up, two weeks after COVID. But on the way down, we also felt that our knees were wobbling more, and we were certainly more exhausted than we used to be for such a short hike. But anyway, it was a start, and a successful one at that. I guess I know where our weekend trips will go to in the coming months… Living an hour from the Alps is a real treat.

Views like this is what we hike for…
Look at him go!
Lots of these bad boys. Willow gentian (Gentiana asclepiadea) I suppose.
A huge tettigoniid. Lovely too.

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