Chasing Sun and Spritz

For me, few things give me more of a holiday feeling than an Aperol Spritz on an Italian beach at sunset. I remember the first one I had, about five years ago in La Spezia. We were there in October, so the beach was empty, the bar quiet, the temperatures very comfortable, and the sunset was early. I remember the beautiful late afternoon sun rays lighting up the orange substance in the condensation-covered wine glasses. The way the light played with the water droplets was almost better than the taste itself. Some prism magic going on right there. The small snacks on the side didn’t hurt either. Ever since, I like to drink a Spritz when I’m in Italy. Unfortunately, it’s hard to replicate the first experience.

This afternoon, we took the kids for a stroll along the lake. The kids were tired. The parents were tired. There was a small bar with some shabby plastic chairs and a shaded terrace.

They had Spritz.

Of course they had Spritz.

Of course we had Spritz.

Nope. It wasn’t the same.

It was alright. But not the same. I could blame the lack of sea views (but the mountains were great). I could blame the shaded terrace (but shade was a welcome gift). I could even blame the kids (but I love the little buggers). No, in the end, it was probably the shabby plastic chairs (although my best travel adventures have included shabby plastic chairs).

Maybe I should just not try to replicate old experiences and just embrace the new ones…

Everything about this shot depicts how the experience differed from expectations. You can almost see the light magic though.
You make me sit here watching you drink orange stuff and I can’t even get a sip?
It certainly wasn’t the company or the location…

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