Last night

This will be our last night spent on this trip. We had a day of absolutely godawful weather today in Carinthia. When it was dry, we scouted some areas north of the W├Ârthersee as they seemed to be good snake habitat. They were good snake habitat. They were also excellent hiking habitat. However, within fifteenContinue reading “Last night”

Slowly making our way home

After almost three weeks of living in our campervan it’s about time to return to home. However, why make it a twelve hour drive if you can split it up over a couple of days and spend some time in beautiful places along the way? This morning we drove towards Austria, Carinthia to be precise.Continue reading “Slowly making our way home”

It needs a picture

As the shortness of yesterday’s post didn’t seem to affect the number of views or the level of appreciation, I figured I could get away with another short one today. It’s my holiday after all. The golden rule seems to be: as long as there’s a pretty picture, anything goes in blog posts. Textual contentContinue reading “It needs a picture”

Yellow bellies

We left our campsite this morning at around 10, and drove off from Podbela to Breginj. In Breginj there were several marked parking lots, from where you could hike up the summit of Mt. Stol. We didn’t need to summit. My only goal today was to reach the treeline. Above the treeline is where myContinue reading “Yellow bellies”

Getting above the trees…

We’re currently in the town of Podbela, Slovenia in the Nadiza river valley. I have to say it’s extremely pretty and all, but of course that’s not the only reason we’re here. (It may be the only reason for the rest of the family though.) You don’t even have to guess. Of course the otherContinue reading “Getting above the trees…”

We made it!

This morning we conquered our first peak in a long time. We really love hiking in the mountains and via ferratas, but especially the latter has become impossible since the birth of our son Rafa. We have always taken Rafa out on mountain hikes, and on his first 2000m hike, he was probably two monthsContinue reading “We made it!”

Not my kind of present…

I don’t usually feel bad about aging. It’s a normal part of life, and I think you can age gracefully if you embrace the process. Heck, why am I even talking about this… I turned 36 today. I’m not that old. I don’t need to think about being old. Or worry about it. Or shouldContinue reading “Not my kind of present…”