The happiest day of his life

This morning, we took a short hike in Taufkirchen, and it turned out that for the next week or so, there would be the Volksfest – some kind of carnival – at the local Volksfestplatz. In the years we have lived here in Bavaria, the Volksfests were mostly cancelled because of COVID. This year, nothingContinue reading “The happiest day of his life”

A close by gem

We escaped the house again this weekend. Somewhat unplanned, after buying some clothing and shopping for groceries, we decided to stay somewhere else. Anywhere, as long as we had a green place to wake up in tomorrow morning. We found a nice free camper lot with four spaces in Taufkirchen. The town itself seems alright,Continue reading “A close by gem”

Friday findings – volume 5

I had a jam-packed and almost overwhelming week in ecology this week. I sometimes feel like I’m doing too much and that I forget to breathe. Some of these things I can’t say no to as they are a non-negotiable part of the job description, and others I often don’t want to say no to.Continue reading “Friday findings – volume 5”

There’s no way I could have resisted this

Regular readers will know this. I love plants and I love snakes, and I love their appearance even more when you put white spots on them. There’s just something about variegation that makes every color pop more. I think it’s amazing. About a year ago I bought my first variegated Monstera deliciosa. A second followedContinue reading “There’s no way I could have resisted this”

Weak and old, and weak!

These past few weeks I have felt old and weak more times than I have ever felt before in my life. This might make sense for the ‘old’ part – today’s the oldest I’ve ever been. It is only normal that I feel older than ever. I am older than ever. But to be honestContinue reading “Weak and old, and weak!”

The landlord dude and the ladies

This story is one of many episodes about one of my many former landlords. He was a peculiar guy, to say the least. You can read my introduction of the landlord dude here. Landlord dude was single. Or maybe he wasn’t. It wasn’t always clear. We always thought he was predominantly single. Yet, he somehowContinue reading “The landlord dude and the ladies”

Change of plans?

This Monday was actually a pretty good Monday. I’m still tired as fuck from having been sick, but overall, no complaints about the start of this week. This made me a bit hesitant to write something today. Since I started the thematic posts recently, of which I dubbed the Monday posts as ‘Monday Meltdown’ posts,Continue reading “Change of plans?”

Tourists in our ‘home’ country

Last night’s fly-infested camping farm left us no choice but to leave in the early morning, and by about 7.30 am we had packed up and we’re ready to leave. We brought with us a swarm of flies well over a hundred strong. These little fuckers were terrible to eradicate. I think we finally gotContinue reading “Tourists in our ‘home’ country”

Fly away

Despite still feeling quite weak today we decided to leave the house for the weekend. We spent all week mostly inside the house in various shades of gastroenteritis, and both kids and parents were getting restless being cooped up like that. Our home on wheels is a nice place to escape this feeling. Here weContinue reading “Fly away”

Friday findings – volume 4

This week was rough. All four family members have been sick, and one of them twice – with a four day healthy intermezzo. Yet, things have also been quite great in my life in ecology. Here’s a couple of highlights (no real lows this week): 1 – I had a shared first author paper acceptedContinue reading “Friday findings – volume 4”