A pleasant surprise

It’s always interesting to just drive to an unknown location when it’s after dark. Often you really have no clue where you end up. Many of the more remote locations are poorly lit, seeing where you park is limited to exactly the place where you park. Surroundings are for imagination. Yesterday was a bit like that. We found an official RV lot, and we knew it was in the Central Alps. What does that mean?

A pleasant surprise

It was alright waking up to this. The other side of the van bordered a nice Alpine flower meadow. Not bad. Not bad at all.

It doesn’t mean I slept well. I developed a strange feeling in my abdomen and legs while driving yesterday. I figured it was the result of being a bit bloated and not drinking enough water (I forget…). I also was completely eaten alive yesterday by horse flies while doing field work yesterday mornint. My legs hurt and turned numb. The combination was very strange. Sitting in the driver’s seat was just very uncomfortable. I figured it would disappear with some good rest. The night, however, was horrible. My legs were so restless, and my gut just felt strange. As if everything below my belly button was waking up from some drug. I could barely sleep. I rolled, twisted and turned, and rolled some more. By the time that it was getting lighter, I discovered a certain stretch that alleviated the leg pain, and I finally fell asleep. I woke up feeling fine. The leg pain was 90% gone. The gut still felt weird, but no longer that weird. It might be a bit of a covid afterburn? I’m not sure. I’m still not back to my old fit level.

Later this morning we continued our drive to Italy, and are now at a tiny lake close to Trento. We already had a little swim, and it’s quite alright here. Expensive parking (35 eu a night for an RV park is the steepest we’ve encountered), but it’s alright. Tomorrow we’ll probably drive the last leg of our journey to the coast. I can’t wait to just float in the sea for a bit. There’s something about the sea that cannot be matched by a lake. I love the sea.

Pretend the horrible spaceship isn’t there. The views are alright!

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