Beating odds

I beat the odds of still being positive after 10/11 days of covid, but somehow my entire family seems to be very good at that. We beat those odds four times… But that’s not really what this post is about. Too tired to write about covid shit.

Still a firm and impressive stripe at 5 minutes.

Where I did beat odds that do matter, is at snake breeding! As I explained yesterday, I had a 1/16 chance of breeding a Diffused Lava Cinder in this year’s first clutch. A clutch of twelve. The third egg that hatched yesterday had one in it. Sometimes things do go right. It’s a beautiful little animal. There’s anyway a whole bunch of little beautiful animals in this clutch.

Poor picture, but here goes: the greyish tone and irregular blotching are Cinder traits, the scream mask and the clean belly (next picture) are Diffused traits. It must be Lava as both parents were Lavas, but it shows in the ruby eyes as well.
Ugly shot, but clean ventral scales – clearly a Diffused animal
I believe a Diffused Lava
Another Diffused Lava and a Lava Cinder above. Not sure what’s peeking out on the right…

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