I can’t believe how fast these past two months have flown by. Exactly 55 days ago, one of my female cornsnakes laid a clutch of twelve perfect eggs. I’ve been excited all week, because cornsnakes usually hatch between about 55 and 65 days, depending on temperature. As temperatures have been on the higher end this summer (understatement of the year), I expected the babies early this year.

Today was that day!

I see many pipping eggs, and little noses poking out. It’s so exciting to see what is what in the clutch. So far, only two babies came out far enough to distinguish what they are: a Diffused Lava, and a Lava Cinder. There are several Lava Cinder heads poking out, but I would have to see the belly patterns to determine whether I’ve hit the Diffused Lava Cinder jackpot in this clutch. (Diffused cornsnakes have clean, uncheckered bellies, whereas those without the Diffused gene should have checkerspots.)

Here’s a couple of early pictures. Perhaps I’ll add some more if more babies hatch today.

Clutch two will be due in a couple of days.

Diffused Lava (up) and Lava Cinder (down)
Diffused Lava
Noses poking out
What are you, little one?
Ruby eyes (Lava trait), no black (Lava trait), scream mask head pattern (Diffused trait), and clean belly (Diffused trait).

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