How does this contribute to public health?

Day 6 of being on my covid ride today. Still firmly symptomatic, and still waiting for the mild part to arrive. Head and throat aches are made bearable by ibuprofen, and the coughing luckily is effective and short, albeit it’s painful every time.

After reading all the ‘mild narrative’, and the emphasis on return to work after five days, I figured it would pass quicker.

Anyway, I’m sick. In Germany that means you need a sick note. I figured with positive PCR tests and all, you could get these things sent digitally or by post or whatever. Think again Robin. It’s 1992 here, remember?

After having tried many times on Wednesday and Thursday, we managed to speak to my GP on the phone yesterday, he basically told me to come by this morning… He had no other way. That’s the law.



It’s already ridiculous to have regular sick people show up and wait in a crowded room for hours to get a consult and sick note. It’s even more bizarre to ask this of someone that’s known covid positive. You’re a threat to everyone else, and you should stay inside your house. Or am I so far off in my thinking here?

Now, I was summoned by my GP, and assured that his word would be enough to break the quarantine regulations. So I masked up, and masked again with an extra layer. I don’t want to spread this fucker around to anyone. My GP practice is in the heart of Freising city center. Parking is not available in the direct vicinity. Which means I had to walk. It was about 30 degrees outside, and I felt hot and cold at the same time. I also felt weak and a little drunk. Brain fog? I tried to take a wide loop around everyone I saw in the streets. Nobody ever distanced 2 meter successfully for more than a couple of minutes. I did what I could.

Once at the practice, I had to wait fifteen minutes for a lady to check my PCR positive status, and print the official sick note. It was hot and I felt horrible. The nurse even said I probably already felt better. Fuck no. I felt terrible in the heat.

How on earth did it get to this. There was nothing that I couldn’t have shown them digitally. What level of trust in people, and what lack of communication between health institutions are needed to have this as a result? Ugh! I don’t get it.

Can you imagine getting infected with covid by some asshole that needs to pickup a sick note and breaks his isolation?

You know you can do better than this Germany…

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5 thoughts on “How does this contribute to public health?

    1. I’m very patient with regards to my recovery, but I will vent at people, especially health professionals, putting extra strain on my body during my recovery. It’s not right…


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