This one doesn’t learn

The plants are looking happy, and seem to be enjoying the warmth lately. Everything here is thriving.

My tiny Monstera deliciosa ‘variegata’ is doing well lately. She’s tiny compared to some of my other plants, but she’s growing better than some others in terms of new leaves.

This week she showed and unfolded her third leaf for the year. At this rate she might even pop another one or two out before the end of summer.

Sadly though, she doesn’t learn. After a white leaf last year, a half white leaf and a white leaf again this year, she now showed what seemed to be another white leaf.

They are beautiful, but completely useless for the plant. The best thing would be to get half white leaves, so there’s at least some photosynthesis.

This morning, to my surprise, it completely unfolded, and had a bit of green around the mid vein. It’s better than nothing, I suppose. But I doubt that this will be the energy generator I was hoping for…

It’s not even the full green, but one of the medium shades of green. It looks quite funky.

I’m happy regardless, the leaves of this year all still look very good, so as long as they don’t deteriorate (as they did last year), I suppose my plant is still happy enough. I do hope for more green in the next one. Otherwise I may start pruning this one to promote side branching. Side branches likely will have more green, as the stems have quite some green in them as well.

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