Why would someone do this? (Answers welcome)

This is going to be a short one. More of a question really, because I need input.

What does it mean if your grumpy and somewhat off downstairs neighbor places half a strip of Benzodiazepines on your flight of stairs? They did just that.

Context: we live on the top floor of our building. No one but us uses this last flight of stairs but us. Only the neighbors have access. Given that we are quarantined we don’t even use the stairs much. I just went through double masked to pickup medication for our daughter, when I found them. Aside from the fact that I’ve never used benzos in my life and I didn’t drop them there, it’s pretty clear that someone put them there for a reason. Given that they were in exactly the same spot where they leave their micro aggression notes, 1+1=2.

Now. What was the intention? I’m curious, because I really don’t know…

Update edit: a somewhat weird explanation presented itself to us later today. We asked the ground floor neighbors (those below our direct downstairs neighbor), whether they put benzos on our doorstep. They’re three young dudes, and we get along with them just fine, so I didn’t see any reason why they would mean harm with it. The first replied that they didn’t put things there, but a couple of hours later, his house mate told us that a friend stayed over recently, and asked him if he had left his medicine there. My most plausible explanation is that he must have dropped it somewhere, maybe outside even, and that the downstairs neighbor found it and thought it belonged to us. We put a note on it with ‘please remove from our stairs’ – which she did. I’m not sure if the friend will ever get his medicine back, because I doubt that they will ask the neighbor. She’s grumpy with them too. Anyway, in the end it’s still a weird story, but I assume no bad intentions.

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6 thoughts on “Why would someone do this? (Answers welcome)

    1. That’s one possible explanation… I’d say, she’d probably be much less annoyed if she uses a couple. She’s apparently done it before (or maybe she gave the other missing half of the strip to someone else). Is that passive agressive though? I’d say it’s quite a bit more than that.

      I was somehow hoping that she wanted to offer us leftover Pfizer brand antivirals from her own infection, and accidentally grabbed a strip of something else instead.

      My wife suggested that another person in the neighborhood that’s quite a free spirit could have put it there to offer us a relaxing recovery. I’d say that something like that only makes sense if there was an explanatory note with it.

      Also, 5 1g tablets. Who’s it for? Me? My wife? The kids? All of us? 5 is a weird number for a family of four.

      Also. Who the hell takes medication they found in a stairwell?

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