Such a positive family…

Yesterday evening, after writing my blog post, I was met by a rather unfortunate event. I found my wife in the living room, a bit confused. She told me her test was positive. I hardly even registered that she had done a test. This happens sometimes when many things happen at the same time. You just don’t register.

I still wasn’t following entirely. Our daughter was sick, but the three other family members were healthy right?


We decided that I should do a test as well, despite testing negative a day earlier. We also tested the baby. Our son was negative yesterday morning…

I tested positive, but the stripe was faint, despite my attempt at properly swabbing my throat. The pattern was clear enough to see a second stripe though. Well that sucks. Next up, baby. Well she was sick, so she must have the coco as well. Her second stripe was thicker than both of ours combined. Our son was asleep already, but tested positive this morning.

Judging from the order of getting sick, my daughter brought it in, probably from the open day at the kindergarten on Thursday. Where she got it, it doesn’t even matter. What matters is that we’re all sick now. I thought I was alright this morning, but I’m not so sure now. Ibuprofen clouds my perception.

In any case, it sucks balls. I’ve been so goddamn careful. For two and a half years, I didn’t bring it in. I’m still masked everywhere, and don’t eat in indoor spaces. But I don’t mask in front of my one year-old at home. There are limits to what we can do. And to be frank, I just didn’t expect her to bring it in. I’m teaching hordes of maskless young adults. I expected me to bring it home. I did what I could to prevent that from happening. Well, technically, I still prevented that from happening.

Long story short. Kids are excellent viral transport vehicles. Be so kind as to protect them and wear a goddamn mask to public places. The new mantra will be ‘infected once is still better than infected twice’.

So this week, it’s gonna suck. Forgive me if the blog is gonna suck more than it already did. I’m not in the best of moods about this.


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10 thoughts on “Such a positive family…

    1. I don’t think there is such a thing as living with it. The science quite clearly shows that the disease gets progressively worse. I think in 50 years time, people will look back at this year’s lifting the measures as the dumbest thing that could have been done…

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      1. They might not live by our rules but they still l live with it. One of my best friends is not vaccinated, she is a cancer survivor and very health cautious, I have to respect her decision even though I don’t understand it. This “my body my choice” thing goes both ways. The freedom we have, can be very annoying if it doesn’t fit in our thinking.

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      2. Sure. I was referring more to those that were not as lucky, and didn’t survive.

        I do agree that we have to find a way to live around this virus. However, given the knowledge on what this virus does to various organ systems, including brain and immune system, it should be everyone’s priority not to get it. Or not to get it another time. It troubles me to see how the knowledge we have acquired on this virus is just swept under the rug.

        I totally understand your friend’s hesitation. It’s a very human thing. It should be everyone’s free choice whether to vaccinate or not, but it should also be clear that vaccination is not the only solution out of the pandemic. Living with the virus is going to require an approach with multiple layers, most of which aren’t that invasive to people’s freedoms… For instance optimal ventilation and monitoring of air quality, high quality masks in public indoor spaces, and providing correct information. None of that is happening very much.

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  1. Ugggghhh I know the feeling. I work in health care, never bring my uniform or materials in the house, and mask everywhere annnnnnd 2 & half years later my kid and better half still got it. I surprisingly didn’t. But it’s still frustrating. I get it.

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