We watched birds

We planned for another weekend getaway in the close surroundings. However, fate decided otherwise. Yesterday, our baby daughter developed a nasty fever that comes and goes. The poor thing goes from being almost normal to a little drunk idiot within a matter of minutes. Crazy what fever does to a brain.

Of course it had already been two weeks since the last time we were sick, so it was about fucking time, eh? I certainly hope that this time around, it’s just the baby. I’m sick of being sick.

To get some fresh air, and to give mom and baby Lara some quiet, I took out boy Rafa to a small bird park nearby. I had never heard of it, and it was only five euros to enter – kids under five were free. I’m not sure how they manage a park from those entry fees, but I can’t complain. Five euros for about two hours of hanging out watching birds and having fun with Rafa is worth it.

Several tawny owls that looked pretty chill with visitors close by.
‘Fat belly owl’
Plenty of Nandu, or ‘bumblebirds’, as Rafa called them.
Emu, another type of bumblebird.

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