The cure to heatstroke?

What a day today. In the morning I started off developing a mild heat stroke, as we were labeling and sorting plants in the absolute blistering heat. What can I say. It’s not great labeling in blistering heat, but it was important! The alternative was labeling inside the greenhouse. In that sense we used the better option.

We first sorted all plants by chemotype (from a randomized position on the growing tables). This made our labeling process a whole lot easier. The plants were randomly assigned to treatments in a randomized block design, and will be placed in their final positions tomorrow. Next week the real experiment will finally start.

The afternoon I had an exciting meeting with two colleagues about our microbial sequencing data that came in the other week. The data looked very exciting. This afternoon we decided on the final statistical models, and I’m very curious to see the results. Despite feeling miserable, the meeting was good.

At the end of the meeting I got the wonderful news that one of the people I supervise had their first paper accepted for publication in Plant, Cell & Environment – a very cool scientific journal.

This is the first PhD project I co-supervised, and the first paper that came out of the project. That means this moment somehow confirms not only that the two PhD researchers that co-led this did an awesome job, but also that we did an awesome job at supervising the process. Such a first moment is extra special. I’m extremely proud of them, and of us. We made it work! After reading that news, my heatstroke was almost forgotten.

It was a good day.

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