There’s no way I could have resisted this

Regular readers will know this. I love plants and I love snakes, and I love their appearance even more when you put white spots on them. There’s just something about variegation that makes every color pop more. I think it’s amazing.

About a year ago I bought my first variegated Monstera deliciosa. A second followed soon after. They’re amazing plants. Look for yourself:

I mean, normal ones are cool too. I have a big one, and a bunch of cuttings waiting to root.

Cool – but not the same thing.

It’s the same with snakes. They just look better with the white patches. Look:

Now look at this one:

Same gene (diffused), minus the white (pied sided). I mean: also cool. But not the same thing (she carries a copy of the gene for the white sides, so she’s almost as special to me. Her babies will be awesome!).

Now. Because I somehow check out a lot of variegated plant porn online, I often get advertising and reminders from plant shops and eBay sellers in my email. And I’m a sucker for juicy advertising with variegated plants. What can I say. I’m an addict. Or a bit obsessed. I don’t know. You get the point.

The ad I saw last week was for variegated Monstera adansonii, a plant that a year ago was still so expensive that I wouldn’t even think of looking at them, let alone buy them. I don’t know what kind of truck these two fell off, but a dude on eBay sold two cuttings of this plant with beautiful variegation, roots initiated, and a node that looks as if it could be opening up within this summer season. The price was a steal. I paid less than half the price I paid for any other variegated plant I own, for both!

Anyway. They arrived on Tuesday. They’re now rooting some more in water, and I assume I can pot them in a matter of weeks. I feel like their roots have already grown more in the two days I’ve owned them, so things are looking bright. They’re awesome. Look:

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