This is the most beautiful place he’s ever been…

Here we are, parked in the empty parking lot of a Tuscan motocross club. No motorcycle in sight. Yet, my son has already declared it the most beautiful parking lot he’s ever been. He’s – and I quote – “so very happy that we can sleep here”. I don’t see what it’s all about. It’sContinue reading “This is the most beautiful place he’s ever been…”

A pleasant surprise

It’s always interesting to just drive to an unknown location when it’s after dark. Often you really have no clue where you end up. Many of the more remote locations are poorly lit, seeing where you park is limited to exactly the place where you park. Surroundings are for imagination. Yesterday was a bit likeContinue reading “A pleasant surprise”

On the road again

Today marked the last day of the work week, the last day of the teaching period, and well, the first day of my three weeks of holidays. I needed them now more than ever. Covid got me good, and three weeks of mild chilling will be the best I could do with my time. WeContinue reading “On the road again”

The landlord dude and his chicks

Time for yet another episode in the ‘Landlord dude’ series. The landlord dude had a big heart when it came to animals. He loved animals more than he loved humans. Although he sometimes also forgot all about them. One day, he decided with our Argentinian house mate, that he needed a chicken coop. For weeksContinue reading “The landlord dude and his chicks”

Beating odds

I beat the odds of still being positive after 10/11 days of covid, but somehow my entire family seems to be very good at that. We beat those odds four times… But that’s not really what this post is about. Too tired to write about covid shit. Where I did beat odds that do matter,Continue reading “Beating odds”


I can’t believe how fast these past two months have flown by. Exactly 55 days ago, one of my female cornsnakes laid a clutch of twelve perfect eggs. I’ve been excited all week, because cornsnakes usually hatch between about 55 and 65 days, depending on temperature. As temperatures have been on the higher end thisContinue reading “Babies!”

Running out

Day 8/9 of covid. Slowly there’s light at the end of the tunnel. My throat ache is softening, and although I still cough, it seems to hurt less. I am tired at levels I don’t recognize, but I understand this may last for a while. Although Rafa and Lara no longer have clear symptoms, theyContinue reading “Running out”

Friday findings – volume 7?

This week was horrible, so I excused myself and write this blog on a Saturday. I’m on day 7 of the covid ride and after feeling very sick but physically capable the first five or sick days, today the fatigue and brain fog kicked in. I feel like I’m moving through molasses and that wheneverContinue reading “Friday findings – volume 7?”

How does this contribute to public health?

Day 6 of being on my covid ride today. Still firmly symptomatic, and still waiting for the mild part to arrive. Head and throat aches are made bearable by ibuprofen, and the coughing luckily is effective and short, albeit it’s painful every time. After reading all the ‘mild narrative’, and the emphasis on return toContinue reading “How does this contribute to public health?”