Chinese beauties

Yeah, yeah. Of course this Thursday post is about snakes. And no! This post’s title is not clickbait. Well, and even if it made you click because you expected something else – I disagree. You’re the one in the wrong. Not me. This title is spot-on.

I just want to keep it short today and share two beautiful snakes I acquired not too long ago. Most snakes I have – no, all other snakes I have – are cornsnakes.

These two worms are something else.

Chinese beauty snakes, or Ortriophis taeniurus taeniurus for the experts, are fantastic ratsnakes. About 22 years ago, I bought my first constrictor snake, and it was one of this species (but the Taiwanese subspecies O. t. friesei). I absolutely loved it, and I’ve had it for years. They grow quite big, to over two meters, but have a slender build, as they are agile climbers, and what purpose would a lumpy bulky body serve there? They also have a beautiful temperament. The juveniles hate everything, and are often bluffing with their mouth wide open, ready to strike. The adults mellow down quite a bit. But let’s say that they will not lie about whether they like you or not. I kinda like that.

I’ve been tempted to buy a pair for a long time, but never did. But when the breeder of my pied sided cornsnakes turned out to have a bunch available, I couldn’t resist.

And I’m glad I didn’t. These Chinese beauties are awesome.

They are some color variants, that I have not yet figured out the full genetics of. To be frank, I don’t care much. These stunners are for display in a vivarium when they grow up some more. I don’t know what genes go in a ‘Platinum het. Calico’ (not sure if a Platinum is one or more genes combined), but that’s the male. The female is an ‘Anery het. Calico’, which is a bit more straightforward to grasp. I wouldn’t mind if they produce wild types and Calicos. Calicos are cool, and the wild types are stunners too.

Anyway, enough talk. Look at them. They’re awesome. Tadaa!


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      1. He used to keep snakes as pets too. And told me he does exotic pets events before we were married. He brought me to one of his friends exotic pet showcase before. I adore iguanas more than snakes.

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