It’s not a bear, it’s not a pig, then what is it?

Today I spent our public holiday by visiting a local zoo with the family. Now, I thought I was pretty familiar with what’s going on in the animal kingdom, but today I found out about a new animal that I had never heard of, and am not even sure I needed to know about. A South American member of the canid family. Dogs, to keep it simple.

This thing looked bizarre. A bit like a miniature pig’s body, combined with a teddy bear-like face. Paws that are disproportionately small to it’s body.

A bush dog.

It’s not cute, it’s not pretty, and it sure as hell ain’t cool, but to me it looked somehow impressive, because it just looked so silly. But hey, it exists, and I’m cool with that. And now you know about it too. Tadaa!

A Bush Dog, picture from Gaia ZOO, Kerkrade.

Published by Robin Heinen

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