Empty your plate already!

If you find yourself throwing away perfectly good food, you’re an asshole. Let’s be clear about that. There, I said it. God this pisses me off so bad.

I recently had a dinner with some people I thought I knew well. At the end of the otherwise excellent evening, they suggested we’d throw out about half a broccoli’s worth of, well, steamed broccoli. I could have known this, maybe, from the fact that they wanted to throw out the entire broccoli in the first place, because it was slightly yellowing on the outer florets, something they were convinced was a fungus. (It wasn’t a fungus.) After assuring them that this was a perfect broccoli, they prepared it without further complaint. After eating about half of it, it was apparently the next best time to throw out the food. They were on their way to the bin.

What?” I exclaimed. “Are you seriously throwing away good food? Why would you ever do that? That’s absolutely horrible – like, really…”

Their main argument was that they would not be eating broccoli for breakfast anyway. Eh? Breakfast? I mean, seriously? Is there no time in the next two days where you could satisfy your cravings with a couple of broccoli chunks?

I don’t understand this. Why would you ever throw away perfectly fine food? (Okay maybe if you have ten leftover servings of gravy or whatever… but I mean proper and nutritious food)

It just hurts me viscerally when I see people do this.

A lot of food is wasted, globally. A large chunk of this is in the industrial sector. It’s hard to influence that. However, a sizeable chunk is wasted while in your fucking fridge, or after your goddamn dinner. That’s something we can do something about, people. Some people have argued that the world does not have a food production problem, but a waste and distribution problem. The least we could do is to cherish every little calorie we buy, and put them to good use by channeling them right through our digestive tracts, as they were intended to. However much I appreciate a good compost pile, high quality food has no place on it. Even the compost critters will hate you for it!

We need to be better.

So stop being a fucking asshole, and finish your goddamn plate. Yes, tomorrow, or the day after is fine, too.

We took the broccoli, obviously…

Ugh, had to get that off my chest…

Published by Robin Heinen

Father of two | Husband | Entomologist and Ecologist | Postdoctoral Researcher @ TUM | Traveler | Coffee Addict

7 thoughts on “Empty your plate already!

  1. I never liked people throwing away food! The only time I had to look away and just let the food be thrown away is either it had gone bad or, the cooking method was not right and my stomach does not agree with me. Of which, I am not taking risks eating the food for the sake of not wasting it… and have to endure constant bowel movements and running to the loo 7-10 times within 2 hours or less.

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    1. I totally agree with you. I won’t eat food gone bad, or food that I ruined, but in all honesty, the former can be avoided with some planning. Arguably this also doesn’t fit the perfectly fine food label. The second situation, I personally only rarely encounter. I can generally eat most types of foods.


  2. I had a similar experience after dinner at some friends place a few years ago. I was absolutely gobsmacked to see bowlfuls of leftovers thrown out for no good reason other than apparently they ‘don’t do leftovers’. I was horrified.

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