More omelette – I’m sorry

This week and the next I’m not at home. I’m working remotely as we have two weddings in the Netherlands in a rather short time. My chef thankfully had no issues with me working remotely for a couple of days, with which he made my life a lot easier, and me more relaxed for the next couple of weeks. Being physically separated from practical work is actually quite nice, and opens up some time to finally round up some loose ends that needed finishing. It’s actually quite nice for a change. Empty that shelf!

But this post is not about work.

I wrote last week that one of my lady snakes pooped out twelve beautiful eggs, and that she did so just before we left home. Right on time for me to shove them into the incubator, where they’ll scramble for about two months until they hatch. Unfortunately, lady snake number two decided to accept her gentleman friend a couple of days later, and as a result also took a few days longer to drop her eggs. Problem. She would start laying a day or two after our departure, and two weeks of eggs outside the incubator, even in an egg-laying box, is not good. It would have likely meant the end of the clutch.

I have never had anyone in my close circle that lived close enough and knew at least something about snakes to take over things in cases of emergency. I also grew up in an environment where people ridiculed me for keeping reptiles, which didn’t help. As a result, I never liked asking, and actually never before asked anyone for help with snakes.

A couple of months ago, I learned that my colleague Andrew shares quite a few biologist nerd traits with me, including a history in snake breeding. An expert close by makes the step towards asking for help a lot easier to take. My wife still had to do a lot of talking before I finally asked him whether he would be willing to help me. He was more than happy to help. A goddamn hero! He collected the eggs, put them in the incubator, and fed the lady snake. Last Monday, he found a beautiful clutch of fourteen beautiful white eggs, all perfect. I knew they were in good hands. Without his help, these eggs would probably have dried out more than they can take, and this would mean a wasted clutch. I’m glad they’re safe. The pictures below are Andrew’s, and I admittedly stole them without asking. Please don’t sue me buddy! And thanks. Thanks so much!

Snake in a box
Ready for the incubator

This is the second and last clutch for the year, so for those not so fond of snakes this means good news. Thursdays may from now on hold other surprises. Well, until the little worms hatch of course.

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3 thoughts on “More omelette – I’m sorry

  1. Hey Robin

    I don’t know much about snakes, but if you give me some instructions, I will happily help you out when you are away and need some pet sitting. 🙂

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