The transition

When you become a parent, you will go through a transition, and this is not a transition by choice. It’s a transition that just happens more or less naturally. Once you have kids, hanging out with the people without kids suddenly becomes a different thing. Your childless friends don’t understand you, and while you stillContinue reading “The transition”

What’s the right time?

Blogging is a weird game. As a blogger, you share your ideas, experiences and stories with the world. You never know who’s going to read it. For me that’s part of the fun and beauty in blogging. Perhaps you inspire a colleague to start writing, or a friend to look at things from a differentContinue reading “What’s the right time?”

“Shit!” – for lack of better terms

We ordered takeout food from a local Indian restaurant yesterday. This place is one of the few local restaurants that actually have anything vegetarian on the menu (we’re not vegetarians, but most weeks we try to come close). We could have prepared our own food, but we were lazy, had something to celebrate, and loveContinue reading ““Shit!” – for lack of better terms”