Prepared for views

Another weekend, another reason to leave the house. Away from having to walk on our toes. Away from telling the kids to stop walking and playing too loud all the time. Destination: who cares. As long as the kids can run and play.

From friends we got a very cool present for the birth of our daughter. There’s this thing called ‘Landvergnügen’ – a wonderful piece of German right there – which is basically a large catalog of farms and other agricultural smallholdings across Germany. When you become a member, you can call any one of them and stay on their farm with a camper completely free of charge, with the idea that you could in return buy some of their produce if they sell it locally. This annual membership card is an excellent present for us, as we love to be out, but also enjoy local specialty stuff. We’ve used it about half a dozen times now, and have only had great experiences.

Today we’re on a farm in the middle of nowhere, just west of the Chiemsee. The farm was already fully booked (two vans), but the farmer had another empty field where he was happy to host us. Isn’t that great?

Ruining my son from an early age, by teaching him botanical names of all the species in the tall grass around here. The future will need botanists too.

The grass was standing tall, and it was funny trying to find a good spot that was level. However, it didn’t matter much where we would stand. Every spot had banger views on the Bavarian Alps. I just finished bringing our kids to bed in our camper’s highroof (they were absolute monsters to get to bed today), and opened one of the window blinds to allow for some fresh air. The views are fantastic. Impossible to capture on camera. (But I’m here, so who cares…)

The mountains look further away than they actually are

We cooked some good food, and enjoyed a nice evening walk.

We treated ourselves to some very tasty herb chicken cuts from a local Hofmetzgerei. Very nice 👍.

I’m already looking forward to tomorrow morning, when the mountains will be lit with a beautiful early morning sun. If the weather is like today, we might take a dip in the Chiemsee. Life’s good!

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