Not much to talk about this evening. The kids fell asleep too easily, so I guess I didn’t have much time to write. Instead, I fed some hungry snake mouths, and with about thirty slithering around, it takes some time.

Snakes are funny. After they reach the age of one year, they suddenly turn totally apeshit when it comes to food. The first year they are still learning how to deal with thawed food items, I suppose. They sometimes take the prey fast, but most are really hesitant, as if they don’t know whether they want it or not. After that first,l year, they just slam out of their enclosures to get to their prey. In my collection, that’s about now… And I love snakes that eat well.

Currently all my snakes eat very well. Only one of them doesn’t slam its prey items. It will devour them in peace fifteen minutes after offering, and initially without any sense of interest. This snake is my Palmetto corn snake. She’s a beast though. Never misses a meal. Growing like mad, and getting more speckled with every shed of skin.

Last week she shed again, so I took some snapshots. Nothing fancy, but it shows her specks pretty well. I hope you all like her as much as I do. If snakes are not for you, tomorrow there won’t be any – I promise.

Palmetto cornsnake female
One year old, and about 125g. Not bad…

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