I’m just the driver

I don’t usually go for spontaneous afternoon drives around the area during the work week, but for today’s occasion I’ll make an exception. Our baby daughter has a mild fever that keeps coming back at night. Although she eats and drinks very well, she seems rather unhappy every second Heike steps away from her. She’s glued to her most of the day. Sleeping, or the regular refusal thereof) is another indication she’s not feeling too good. The doctor had a rather last-minute spot for us this morning, albeit we had to drive to a sister location a few towns away, hence the spontaneous drive.

We figured it would be best if I accompanied mum and baby as their driver. Twenty minutes of screaming in the back each way probably wouldn’t be very helpful for either of the two. At least now she was relatively easy on the way here.

I just hope all is well, and in the meantime use the quiet time waiting for them to come back – parked in an industrial zone at the end of the Munich airport runway – to write my blog. The soothing sounds of airplanes taking off and landing in the background. Inspiring on another level.

My throbbing headache thinks otherwise.

I started a caffeine detox this weekend. My sleep levels have suffered lately, and one solution that helps, is giving up coffee, even if just temporarily. So I cold-turkeyed my double espresso diet starting on Saturday. It feels like someone injected some extra volume into my cranium. My head feels as if it is under pressure. This feeling will probably last until Thursday or Friday, but I hope the feeling will gradually improve. The interesting thing is that I always sleep worse the first couple of nights after giving up caffeine, as if the body has to find a new equilibrium.

Maybe I’m also getting sick… Given the events of the past couple of days, it’s not unlikely, but even that should get better soon.

Published by Robin Heinen

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6 thoughts on “I’m just the driver

  1. I hope your daughter feels better soon.

    The caffeine withdrawal sounds rather yucky. I drink loads of tea, but I’ve never experienced any kind of withdrawal when I don’t have it. I guess besides being not prone to side effects, I’m not prone to withdrawal effects.

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    1. I’m pretty sensitive to any effect. That is, some cups of coffee can make me shake uncontrollably. Mostly when I’m stressed already though. My life is all about balancing impulses.

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  2. Not to rub it in, but I’ve been blessed not to feel much difference with and without coffee. But at this rate, I just desire a hot, bitter beverage in the morning. If someone were to switch it to decaf, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in terms of stimulation. Anyway, wishing you all the best with your detox, and hope your daughter gets well soon!

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    1. I don’t need it to wake up or anything. If anything, I work less after coffee, it doesn’t make me wake up, it makes me jittery. Bit I love the taste of it. Just woke up and made myself a nice big cup of tea. Headache? Check!


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