Highs and lows

Let’s start today with the lows, and end it on a high note. We spent the night near Rovinj, a pretty town on the Istrian west coast. The campsite was nothing special, and just too far from the center to comfortably walk the distance back and forth with the kids. Now, In Rovinj, most parkingContinue reading “Highs and lows”

Now this is something different…

You all now by now I’m a bit of a reptile nerd. I can’t help it. It’s been like that since forever. It started with dinosaurs when I was young, and it never left me. Those of you that now me a little better, or read here regularly, will also understand that snakes in particularContinue reading “Now this is something different…”

Imaginary drama

Over the past couple of weeks, my two year-old son has collected an impressive fleet of all kinds of vehicles. He now has a tractor, a red car, a grey and white car, an excavator, a fire truck, and a small airplane. They travel with him in our campervan wherever we go. You might wonderContinue reading “Imaginary drama”

In ruins

After a spectacularly cold night in the van at Kamp Romantik, we visited the Nesactium ruins close to Valtura. These ruins were not in the best of shapes, but revealed the blueprints of what must have been a pretty impressive Christian church, and several additional structures. The information was only limited as the visitor centerContinue reading “In ruins”

Bring out the candles!

Today we took it slow. We packed the van up late, and had a nice chat with our Swedish van-dwelling neighbor, while we laughed at two German bikini girls that thought getting an early morning dip in the cold sea was a good idea – until their toes touched the water. We had run outContinue reading “Bring out the candles!”

My meditation

After a great bout of teamwork this morning, by 9.30 we were about ready to drive, back north, back to where we came from. Usually in the northern hemisphere the weather gets nicer the further south you get. I believe this is usually true in Croatia as well, but this time of the year –Continue reading “My meditation”


I know I’m in no position to complain about anything. I’m in a beautiful place. Paradise-like, even. I’m as close as I can possibly get to the people I love most in this world. The weather was absolutely beautiful, albeit it was windy and chilly today. The campsite was comfortable. Everything was good, right? Yet,Continue reading “Boredom”

We may not have had a plan, but at least we had a great lunch

Today was a day with even less of a plan than usual, and very few ideas to guide us. After spending a night on a huge, boring and overpriced, but entirely empty campsite near Split, we just wanted to be somewhere nicer. However, as we’re reaching the southernmost tip of Croatia, we were running outContinue reading “We may not have had a plan, but at least we had a great lunch”

A landscape of life and death

After a visit to Roski Slap, another series of waterfalls in the Krka NP, we drove back towards the coast. The road meandered through a slightly hilly, brown and gloomy landscape. Destroyed homes, abandoned unfinished houses and buildings still in use that had evidently seen better days were scattered along both sides of the road.Continue reading “A landscape of life and death”