Loser by choice

Society seems to have taken the collective decision to go all ‘aaah, fuck it’.

Governments worldwide are dropping even the simplest covid protective measures, like social distancing, reduced participants to (indoor) events. There’s no more testing anywhere, and even the masking in indoor public areas is pretty much down the drain.

I don’t understand this decision. I’ve tried to. But I can’t. I understand why people want to meet, share, live. I want to do so too. And I was. But was there really no intermediate version to what we’re currently seeing? It seems to me that none of these simple measures inflicted much harm to personal freedom. Perhaps I was wrong.

I don’t understand why governments stopped protecting their people.

But what may be even worse is that the majority of people collectively dropped every protection right there with their governments. Like covid isn’t there anymore. (Trust me, it is.) Like protecting the weaker in society doesn’t matter any more. (I think it does.) Like all the gruesome shit that covid leaves behind in a substantial percentage of its victims doesn’t matter any more. (I know too many personal horror stories.) Like nothing matters any more. All that matters is ‘me’ and now.

People have declared themselves defeated.

Does that make them losers?

Maybe it does… Losers by choice. The weakest type of loser. But it’s not a real defeat. They just accepted the loss. Complete surrender. They let themselves be collectively beat up by an invisible army, and by doing so drag everyone else down with them.

Whatever the collective decision, I cannot help but feel like people that proudly go around maskless in indoor public places are raising a big fat middle finger to the people around them. Like if they’re saying ‘I don’t give two shits about you, or your health, or your future, it’s more important that I can freely cough my brains out in LIDL.’

Can someone help me understand and rationalize these behaviors and decisions? Because honestly, I really hate my version of this story… I hate what my mind makes out of it. And given that three-quarters of the population seem to have thrown the towel in the ring, that makes the world a dark, dark place. Light, anyone?

I feel like the fight isn’t over. I will continue to protect people around me, be cautious, and continue the fight. I may not win, but at least I didn’t surrender.

Published by Robin Heinen

Father of two | Husband | Entomologist and Ecologist | Postdoctoral Researcher @ TUM | Traveler | Coffee Addict

3 thoughts on “Loser by choice

  1. I am fighting to get over COVID and I don’t understand it either. We, as a society, are getting too many negative headlines and so it’s no wonder that most of shut down. How could a pandemic have two side, the ones who cared and the other who cared about their right to protest against common sense?

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    1. It makes me so sad, you know. We have all suffered tremendously, and lost so many people, and are still suffering and losing people.

      I think we could have gotten rid of it after the first wave. Longer lockdowns. Stricter measures. Instead, we let that rip, and let all the end variants rip. Essentially we’ve had about six pandemics caused by different variants. We haven’t learned.

      I luckily have not had covid, likely because I have been extremely careful. But it’s going to be hard to avoid the way it’s going now. Others have decided this for me. Ugh!


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