Why say more?

If you thought last month’s posts were rather boring, this one may be the new low.

After a quick espresso doppio we drove from northern Italy to Austria over Passo Monte Croce Carnico. On the highest point, we found the old border office, and several other buildings – supposedly a museum and a restaurant – that seemed to be closed now. I usually take smaller passes, because they boast pretty views, but this one was rather viewless. The road up and down made up for it, but few pictures. Hands on the wheel (!) with all those hairpins.

I had hoped to camp at a lake a kilometer or two down the road, but the road was unfortunately closed due to danger of avalanches. We’ll have to come back.

After another two or three hours through Austria, we now landed in Sankt Johann, a town with pretty views all around (the norm in Austria).

We settled for this campsite, which isn’t all that charming, but at least has great views – and good people of course!

Tomorrow we’ll be home in about two hours or so. That means that there might be room for a short hike in the morning, to end the holiday on a high note!

That’ll be it for today, not much else to say, so why say more?

Published by Robin Heinen

Father of two | Husband | Entomologist and Ecologist | Postdoctoral Researcher @ TUM | Traveler | Coffee Addict

14 thoughts on “Why say more?

  1. Aww, what a nice pic of the family. I’ve just realised that not only does this make for good blog material, but it also works as a journal for you to look back on one day. Thanks for sharing your slices of life with us!

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    1. Thanks Stuart. Yes, I guess it’d be quite fun to read back in a couple of years! Many reasons to keep the blog alive! I’m not always sure if it makes for interesting material for others to read. It all started off as a form of training the writing muscle, and if you do daily, unless you go from random prompts, how could you not share your own life? From later this week it’ll be back to the boring old rants, haha πŸ˜‚.


  2. What an opening line Robin. Had me instantly hooked!

    You’ve managed to share a ‘day in the life’ so comically. Love the dry tone!

    You’ve inspired me to included pictures in my blog posts – despite being an artist, I’ve always been afraid to put pix in m’blogs, don’t really know why but they really enhance the piece.


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    1. Thanks Martin, for all your kind words. I try to share my days, with a funny and ‘human’ tone where the day allows it. I’m glad to see it struck the right chord!

      I would encourage you to use personal pictures. WordPress is full of stock images, and even though they do their job sometimes, I 100% prefer a picture made by the author. Something about a picture and a thousand words, I believe (maybe it helps keeping posts short, haha).

      Cheers! Robin

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    1. Thanks Ally! I’m surprised by the positive responses on this one. Maybe you’re right, and the snappiness of this one is its success-factor?

      I might get long-winded sometimes, but I had somehow expected those types of posts to be of more interest to readers than the ‘here’s a quick post’ type of posts. But reality may be that people have no time to read endless posts…? I do notice that in my own blog reading behavior.

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