Do we really look that weak?

“No, you better go back, take your car, and drive there instead,” the lady told us. “Walking there is too much, especially with kids.”

We were a bit perplexed by this advice from the lady that occupied the entrance register of Krka NP.

We were all geared up, toddler in the backpack, baby in the carrying sling, ready to start our day hike. I think we look like we’ve done this before…

This advice can only mean a couple of things: 1) Only lazy people visit here, 2) She was a very lazy lady, 3) We look like we’ve seen better days, or 4) This hike would be too extreme and strenuous for most.

The lady told us that it would be 4 km down to the waterfalls, then another 2.5 km through the park, and 4 km back up. She was particularly worried that the way up and down were steep. She advised us to go back to the campsite, get our camper, and drive. It all sounded manageable to me. Heike was in doubt. She has issues with her joints on too strenuous hikes with extra cargo if they last too long.

Then the lady said the footpath down took 25 minutes.

Something didn’t add up. You don’t walk 4 km in 25 minutes…

I said fuck it. If this thing is too strenuous, we’ll walk back early, and take the car tomorrow.

Within 15 minutes we were at the waterfalls. The footpath turned out to be 875 m long, and indeed, pretty steep. But very manageable for people that hike every now and then.

The 2.5 km loop at the bottom was so accessible and easy that our two year-old walked it by himself.

It was also extremely pretty, and – as goes for most parts of the country in this time of the year – completely deserted.

Waterfalls of various sizes came down everywhere you looked. We had grey skies, a d it was already stunning. I can only imagine that with some sun, the blues and greens in the water would come out stronger.

I can also imagine that you don’t want to be here in July or August. This will be a hot tin of sardines.

Within three hours we were back at the campsite. I’m still not sure what the lady was thinking. I would have enjoyed this day less without the hike…

Do people automatically assume that people with kids want the easy road?

Easy peasy – a toddler can do this.

Published by Robin Heinen

Father of two | Husband | Entomologist and Ecologist | Postdoctoral Researcher @ TUM | Traveler | Coffee Addict

5 thoughts on “Do we really look that weak?

    1. That’s bizarre! I figured that the avid hikers are the prime target visitors for such parks. Apparently everything has to be accessible easily, preferably by a shuttle service. People don’t take time to experience things anymore…


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