We have this whole place to ourselves!

We woke up today to cloudy grey skies that posed a stark contrast to the cloudless days that are now behind us. The weather forecast wasn’t pretty for today – or the coming days. The 90+% chance of rain even had Heike worried a little.

I saw things differently. First of all, rain at home and rain here may not be the same thing. I don’t know. I’ve never been rained on in Croatia before. It might not be as miserable as rain in Germany, or the Netherlands for that matter. Second, we were planning a hike in Paklenica NP. A hike through a gorgeous gorge with some climbs in it. Did we really want to carry a toddler and a baby up in the heat of the burning sun? Maybe the grey skies weren’t all doom and gloom. What an optimist…

It seems I was at least half right. The hike was great and very manageable because of the weather. We didn’t hike the full trail, though, as it started raining. Not German rain. Just some tiny drops. But as they warned us about on several signs, the weather can change rapidly in the mountains, and a gorge, no matter how gorgeous, is probably not an ideal place when torrential downpours happen. And dragging two soaked kids around is no fun either. The camper would be a steam cabin for days. We decided to turn around approximately three-quarters of the way up to the mountain hut where we could have gotten shelter, food, and even a place to sleep if we wanted. Too bad. Now we have to come back someday.

We arrived back at the car after an almost three-hour hike, and we just beat the proper rains. Rain or no rain. We had a fun time, we will not let some drops and clouds take that from us.

We even managed a picture with four happy faces that – for once – all look at the camera at the same time!
Mommy and the puppies
Me and Rafa
Rafa’s backpack turns out to be an excellent ‘Lara-stand’ from which she can’t escape or eat stones.

After our hike at Paklenica it was time for coffee, cake, and a trip to our next destination. This place looked odd on Google maps with terrain view, which is why I wanted to check it out. A strange plateau, surrounded by gorges with rivers running through, rivers which supposedly have pretty waterfalls, too. We’re in Krka NP. We haven’t seen much yet, but what we have seen was a tasty appetizer for what we will hopefully encounter tomorrow!

Meanwhile, we will spend two nights on this odd campsite that looks more like an empty graveyard than a place to spend your holidays… But fuck it, who cares. We have it all to ourselves, the services are good, and the location excellent. We could probably sleep here. We need no more.

Our stonewalled square graveyard campsite and us… Note the little dwarf that photo bombed my picture

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