After a morning stroll through Bled, Slovenia, and having the mandatory cappuccino at a lakeside restaurant, we packed up and left Slovenia behind for our road to the southern neighbors in Croatia. After an hour or so of highway, the road continued on a smaller road that snaked through villages and hilly landscapes. Fucking beautiful. Spring is just kicking in here with trees still leafless and grass mostly brown, and I can only imagine how awesome it will be to drive through this amazing landscape on our way back to Germany in a couple of weeks.

We settled on an Autocamp in a small fisherman’s town called Mošcenicka Draga (with some additional wiggles on the c’s that my phone doesn’t support). This Autocamp thing basically means we’re parked in someone’s backyard. I don’t care, and I’d much rather support a local person than the municipal parking lot. It’s darn pretty here too, and 100m to the sea with a supermarket in between, and all that for less than 20 euros a night. That’s what I call a pretty good deal.

We haven’t looked around much, other than a quick stroll to sea and back. I promised my son sea urchins, starfish, crabs, and lots more, and he’s been nagging me about sea beasts all day. (He even mentioned to strangers that we would be going to sea urchins). He urged me to find him everything, but especially the sea urchins. I struggled a bit, the water was too shallow, I think. In the tiny harbor I found tons of sea cucumber, which are not that far from sea urchins, but he was not impressed by the large black snail-looking dog poops on the sea floor. The only couple of sea urchins I found he couldn’t recognize as such, so all in all it was a deeply underwhelming experience for him. Instead he settled on a new goal in life – that we need to have a boat. To be honest, I would love to have a boat…

On our stroll, we saw a sign that indicated that air temperatures currently were 13 degrees centigrade, but that the water was 22… If this is true, that means that I will go for a swim in the near future. Cold or not. If there’s a not that cold sea, I need to dip in, I’ve had colder seas for sure!

Our new home town
Extremely heavy umbrellas
This official looking building looked much nicer in real. I admit that here it looks like I’ve just taken a random picture of someone’s house…
Local church seems to be built in the middle of the main road.

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