Sort of home

After four intense days, this week’s chemodiversity consortium meeting came to an end. I’m only unofficially part of this nice group of people, by serving as the daily supervisor for one of the ten subprojects. It somehow feels a bit like I’m an imposter in this group that got ‘in’ the easy way, without having to think, discuss, or write at all. Spelling it out in writing only makes it worse, doesn’t it? Oh well… I’ll hopefully contribute in scientific writing later to make up for it a bit.

I wanted to make use of the free afternoon today to wrap up some final job-related tasks before starting my parental leave tomorrow. I figured that arriving home at the kids’ bed time would be bad anyway, and waking them up later in the evening would suck too. That’s I thought I might as well stay and do something useful. That’s how I came up with the silly idea to drive home in the evening and arrive late, but instead of waking everyone up from their sleep, to just park the camper on a local parking lot instead. And in doing so I figured out there’s a good parking lot to camp close to Allershausen, which is only about 10 km from home. I’m not really home, but in my mobile home, close to home, which roughly means I’m sort of home.

Tomorrow morning I’ll get fresh bread from the bakery, and be home in time to surprise the kids for breakfast. A win-win, clearly!

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