He’s pretty strict with the rules

I was just closing down my home office space for the day, when my two year-old son stormed in, carrying an FFP2 mask. He was pretty clear about his goals for the next ten minutes. He was going to play ‘shop’ with me. In ‘shop’ the rules are simple. He’s the shop owner, and I’mContinue reading “He’s pretty strict with the rules”


Our destination today was supposed to be a place called Dreisessel, some neat rocky formations close to where the borders of Austria, Germany and the Czech republic meet. We have never done much exploring here before, but it’s a fantastic landscape dotted with forested hills. Dreisessel was supposedly easy to reach, with a huge parkingContinue reading “White”

Passau – the ghost town on the Danube

It feels like ages ago that we last went away with the camper. In reality, it has only been a couple of weeks since our van broke down in Berchtesgaden, and we were towed all the way to Freising. For some time we had no mode of transportation, while the Nugget was undergoing substantial repairs.Continue reading “Passau – the ghost town on the Danube”

Am I really that boring?

Every evening before going to bed, my son and I have about half an hour of father-son time on the couch, while mommy is bringing baby sister to bed. We spend this time reading a book, playing around with some cars, or lately, he’s keenwon watching funny dancing and animal videos. All fun. Lately, thereContinue reading “Am I really that boring?”

Problem? What problem?

The longer I live and work in Germany, the stranger it gets. This makes me wonder whether I live in a particularly strange country or a strange neighborhood, work at a weirdo university, on an oddball campus, or that, perhaps, I just attract a peculiar type of people around me. One of the stranger aspectsContinue reading “Problem? What problem?”

What are you grateful for?

I bumped into a random video of a guy on Instagram that claimed that to make a great positive impact on your life, you’d have to write down three things you’re grateful for every day. He rambled on about how it was better than any other thing, and then it all went blabla. But theContinue reading “What are you grateful for?”

Available for coffee

I just got the news that one of my favorite small conferences, which was planned to be held in my home country, will be postponed until fall. It’s a darn shame, but an understandable and wise decision. I was looking forward to bringing my team here in Germany over to what still feels like homeContinue reading “Available for coffee”