The final phase

A short post today. I spent my afternoon getting the final phase of my light pollution experiment going. In this final phase, we will investigate whether light pollution disrupts feeding by an insect herbivore on six plant species. In the picture below you can see the sleeve cages I use to keep the herbivores on their plant part, and soon I will score herbivore feeding damage on the plants, as well as herbivore growth. I’m very happy to see that my plants have grown very well over the past two weeks, and that all has worked out again for this experiment. Next week it’s already time for the final harvest. Time truly flies, but in a good way. Another experiment bagged up and ready to analyze and write up. I’m looking forward to finding out about the final results.

As always, none of this would have worked without help of my team: Sarah, Annika, Lina, and, next week during the harvest, Oriana. I wouldn’t get anything done without these wonderful people, and they deserve a lot of credit. Thanks so much ladies🙏!

Sometimes you have to get creative with cages in experiments. I found these wonderful little mesh sleeve bags that nicely fit a tiller, leaf, or other plant part, and are an excellent temporary home to insects on said plant part. I may use these a lot I’m the future.

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