The good news that everyone has been waiting for…

My home country of the Netherlands just announced this evening that it will lift pretty much all restrictions in place to keep people safe during a pandemic. They decided to do this during times where per capita case numbers are not just high, but soaring high above pretty much all other countries in the world. The low lands are on top of the world. What better time to lift restrictions, and to abandon everything. The news outlets presented all of it as the ‘good news that everyone had been waiting for’. No more masks in public spaces, no more distancing, no more restrictions in restaurants or pubs, and only negative test results in places with standing crowds of over 500 people. The last word was that masking was still advised but not mandated, and it would be great if you could do a test before seeing people. Well, I’ve seen how that works in this country. This press conference lasted much shorter than most I’ve seen in my time in Germany during the pandemic. I do like the efficiency. Ten minutes or so, and all was done. The pandemic is now officially over in the Netherlands. What a master plan.

I really don’t understand it. I get that people want to do things. I want to do things, too. But what’s so hard about doing things with a mask on. What’s so hard about getting tested before going to a club. Or about wearing a mask in a shop or museum? I feel like there’s a whole range of intermediate options that are just skipped for convenience. These measures are not that tough (or are they?). The people in my country are just predominantly selfish assholes that care very little about the welfare of others or the common good. I have literally heard people say to supermarket personnel today that they refused to cover their noses, because they were vaccinated. I don’t know man. This ‘fuck you – I’m vaxxed’ mentality is probably as damaging as the whole anti-vaxx mentality. It’s another form of selfishness, but selfishness nonetheless.

Luckily I don’t live here now…

Let’s see how long it takes Germany to follow the same trajectory…

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