Is this what they call bad luck, or is it worse?

It really doesn’t matter how good your day was. When you get informed that your three year old campervan slash mode of general transportation needs repairs that could amount to approximately one-third of the price you bought it for, your day is pretty much ruined. We bought our Ford Nugget campervan in April 2021 atContinue reading “Is this what they call bad luck, or is it worse?”


I recently saw this thing make the rounds on Twitter about ‘Smonday’, loosely paraphrasing, it meant the horrible feeling you get on Sunday, when you’re already worrying about the workload on Monday. I have written about Smondays many many times before, albeit I had no word for it yet. As I’m a regular experiencer ofContinue reading “‘Smonday’”

On Monday, we’ll feed the beast…

Two weeks of holiday break are slowly coming to an end. It’s safe to say that with two kids under two that were sick for a total of nine days, there was little resting possible. Luckily, we managed to sneak in a quick getaway into nature. Nature always heals the mind and soul. It’s reallyContinue reading “On Monday, we’ll feed the beast…”

That went a little different than I had hoped

This morning,we woke up to wonderful weather at the Königssee RV lot. We decided then and there that this was a great reason to take the Jennerbahn all the way to the top of the Jenner. Blue skies and snowy mountains. What else could you wish for? Well… It turns out that there was aContinue reading “That went a little different than I had hoped”

This post is meh, but it has pictures…

Fuck it. Just a couple of pictures today. Lots of snow and just a very awesome day. We just ate pizza, downed a Glühwein, after we parked our campervan at the Königssee RV lot, and I’m way too lazy now to write more than I’ve already done now. I promise, some day I will writeContinue reading “This post is meh, but it has pictures…”

It only rained in Berchtesgaden…

The weather forecast for Berchtesgaden promised us some rain for yesterday, but it was also pretty convinced that by mid-morning today, the temperatures should drop, and the rain should quickly turn into snow. As per usual in Germany, the weather forecast lied, and by 10am this morning, there was rain, rain, and more rain. ItContinue reading “It only rained in Berchtesgaden…”

Finally, our holiday break started!

I thought the sitting at home situation would never end. Our amazing plan was to take the Nugget out for a spin, and explore the beautiful Bavarian Alps, which are right at our doorstep. At the 23rd if December, the first kid got sick, and the second followed soon after. We got to spend aContinue reading “Finally, our holiday break started!”

When is the right time to think about the future?

Having spent about ten days at home with two sick kids, and thus having had limited options to do some fun activities – like going outside, drawing, reading a book, or writing – is not a great thing for my mind. My brain is the kind of goo that needs something to feed on, anythingContinue reading “When is the right time to think about the future?”

These two are plotting to drive us crazy!

Today was the first day that we could finally get outside. The kids were more or less recovered from their illnesses. The weather was great. Time to go outside. We drove to the Chiemgauer Alpen, close to Kampenwand. A beautiful area. Crazy traffic aside, it seemed to all go smoothly. However, from the moment weContinue reading “These two are plotting to drive us crazy!”