Sending work to co-authors may be the worst part of my job*

Sometimes you have these tasks that you just don’t want to do, and you just postpone and procrastinate. Often, they’re not even things you dislike. In my case, at least, I actually liked the task itself. I just didn’t like finishing it. Today I finished a draft manuscript for my artificial light at night experiment.Continue reading “Sending work to co-authors may be the worst part of my job*”

It all starts with a seed

Today was time for the next step in our latest experiment. After leaving the pots filled with field soil to acclimatize for a week, and watering them several times to reach a more homogeneous soil moisture, we sowed our experiment today. I say we, because I was helped today by two wonderful and motivated PhDContinue reading “It all starts with a seed”

It’s a long distance in both directions

When we left the Netherlands and moved abroad to live in Bavaria, we figured that we would be happy anywhere. Home is where the heart is, right? As long as we had the family together, all would be good. A pretty serious mental breakdown after a little more than a month in this new environmentContinue reading “It’s a long distance in both directions”

Was social always this exhausting?

This pandemic is detrimental to my social skills, or at least to the way they affect me and my mental state. I was never the most extraverted person. Not a fantastic person on parties. But I could hold a conversation without problems, and they would often give me energy. I also greatly enjoyed coffee breaksContinue reading “Was social always this exhausting?”