Is this what they call bad luck, or is it worse?

It really doesn’t matter how good your day was. When you get informed that your three year old campervan slash mode of general transportation needs repairs that could amount to approximately one-third of the price you bought it for, your day is pretty much ruined.

We bought our Ford Nugget campervan in April 2021 at just over three years old and 38.000 kilometers driven. This was a young car and one that we hoped to enjoy for the next decade or more. It was expensive for us, but it was an investment that we deemed worthy. We wouldn’t ever be able to afford a house in Bavaria anyway, so we thought we might as well buy ourselves a mobile house, so we could get out a lot.

We used it a lot. It is amazing.

Now last weekend it spontaneously died on us while underway in Berchtesgadener Land. We weren’t sure exactly what happened, but we were unharmed, and got delivered home safely by the German road assistance association ADAC. Our car was dropped at the dealership, as this problem probably would need a Ford specialist to solve. Over the past couple of days, a mechanic has looked at it, and we were quite curious to hear what he had to say today. You already know it isn’t going to be good.

It wasn’t good.

Our car must have a leaky sealing somewhere, perhaps at the windscreen, or the hood. God knows. Wherever it leaks doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it does. Apparently so much humidity built up inside the vehicle’s electric circuitry that all of its wiring was heavily corroded, and likely most of it needs to be replaced. He managedetonget it to run again, but this is something that needs to be dealt with, obviously. The mechanic ensured us that this was nothing we could have prevented, and none of it was caused by our most recent getaway in the cold. Instead he told us that this is likely the result of either a faulty windscreen repair (it was replaced last year by a professional company, after a stone hit it), or a faulty assembly by the factory in the first place. He also mentioned that Ford does not cover water damage, even if it were their fault. Isn’t that great?

In other words: someone fucked up his job somewhere, and we don’t know who it was, and we couldn’t have known that he did, and it now ended up on our plates. With this fuckup he jeopardized our safety, killed our car, and will likely cost us in excess of ten thousand euros. Thank you, you unknown piece of shit, whoever you are, for bringing this sort of horror into our lives.

The mechanic will try his best to document the process of finding out where exactly the water entered, so perhaps we can try a claim with the insurance of the windscreen company, if it turns out they did a poor job. I think our chances are slim.

Whatever the outcome: Fuck! Just Fuck!

To end on a positive note: the rest of the day was pretty great.

Published by Robin Heinen

Father of two | Husband | Entomologist and Ecologist | Postdoctoral Researcher @ TUM | Traveler | Coffee Addict

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