Finally, some growth

I always forget how long it takes for seedlings to grow. Two weeks ago, me and the team sowed a couple hundred pots with twelve different plant species. A bunch of them I had never worked with before. None of them I had germinated on soil before. This may sound odd, but in ecology it’sContinue reading “Finally, some growth”


In the movie Snatch there’s this great scene (one of many, actually) in which a rough guy named ‘Boris the bullet-dodger’ is mentioned to the American diamond dealer ‘Cousin’ Avi by another rough type aptly named ‘Bullet-tooth Tony’. Avi immediately interrupts: ‘why do they call him the bullet-dodger?’ The answer is of course quite obvious:Continue reading “Bullet-dodging”

Where’s the right audience?

WordPress – the tool I use to write and host this blog – is an interesting and strange beast. Over the year I’ve been writing now, I’ve never focused much on gaining a large following or on spreading my writing more than simply having an automated post to Twitter. It wasn’t my goal to haveContinue reading “Where’s the right audience?”

Perfect rubbish

I keep hearing people talk about writer’s block, but I sometimes wonder what people mean with that. I mean… Writer’s block. Is it even a real thing? Don’t get me wrong. I also have many days on which I don’t feel like writing. That’s not writer’s block. That’s laziness. Laziness is fine every now andContinue reading “Perfect rubbish”

The worst thing about plant experiments

The day started off hopeful, with huge snowflakes slowly floating down the sky. The temperature was just below zero, ao it seemed that it would add an extra layer to an already substantial blanket of snow. We decided to go for a snow hike with the family, and my parents in-law who are here forContinue reading “The worst thing about plant experiments”