An absolutely miserable, yet productive day

My booster vaccination really kicked in today. General feeling of ‘not chill’ all day, combined with an intense headache. I even almost vomited, but I resisted. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s vomiting. Perhaps it’s the dumb thing to do. Perhaps, the release would have made me feel better, but just the taste ofContinue reading “An absolutely miserable, yet productive day”

Eventually I’ll get used to the needles

I was a bit worried about how this day would unroll… This morning, I received my booster covid vaccination. The first two were easy peasy. With the first two, I felt a bit fuzzy, and my arm hurt. I had a bit of a headache with the first, but not so much with the second.Continue reading “Eventually I’ll get used to the needles”

Academic life – Wednesday edition

Wednesdays are always busy, and today was no exception. Meetings in the morning until eleven, followed by a therapist session*. After the important, but usually unproductive morning, the afternoon, on the other hand, was spent on teaching, which at least feels important and somehow productive and satisfying. Interestingly, we spent part of our morning meetingContinue reading “Academic life – Wednesday edition”

I really want to go!

For the first time since this pandemic, I have submitted an abstract to participate in a conference. The last conference I officially signed up for and got a presentation slot at (International Congress of Entomology in Helsinki, 2020), was rightfully cancelled due to the pandemic. I have since only given an invited online talk atContinue reading “I really want to go!”

This risotto wasn’t that bad, okay…

For over two years I prided myself on my son’s fantastic and voracious appetite. Today, my son convinced me that appetite is no longer in his vocabulary, or skill set. Rafa has officially entered the horrible phase where everything is awful. I saw a glimmer of hope that he would still keep his love forContinue reading “This risotto wasn’t that bad, okay…”

I need more pepernoten in my life

I never thought I’d miss it. Today it’s ‘pakjesavond’, Dutch for ‘package evening’. On this evening, St. Nicolas brings around gifts to kids to celebrate his birthday on the 6th. Quite a generous dude, that Nico. And very fond of kids… He’s much like Santa Clause, minus the morbid obesity. The Saint likes to party,Continue reading “I need more pepernoten in my life”