Only six months in, and already messing up

I found out today that I’ve been assigned a couple of manuscripts as an editor, and I have not received any notification about them at all. These manuscript central systems (and equivalents) suck so badly. Whenever I am asked to review something in these systems, I get a hundred reminders, but when I’m assigned toContinue reading “Only six months in, and already messing up”

Surprising end of the day…

This day I literally spent on Zoom from 8.30am to about 7.30pm. My God. That was long. We started with the heavy part, 2.5 hours of discussion of a preliminary grant proposal that’s supposed to be submitted somewhere next year. Interesting ideas, with a lot of potential, and also potential for improvement, and I’m curiousContinue reading “Surprising end of the day…”

Little chairs and unrestricted thinking

I was lazy and tired today, and I didn’t feel like cooking, so we ordered pizza for dinner. Yeah, I know. Nobody cares what I had for dinner, but I’m gonna tell it anyway. (It was pretty good pizza though.) This particular place – Helmut Pizza in Freising – delivers pretty decent and huge pizzas.Continue reading “Little chairs and unrestricted thinking”

How to fix a broken system?

Today, I received the message that a dear colleague collaborator would be leaving science, as a career opportunity in another sector managed to win them over. With this, academia – again – will lose a very talented, smart and kind woman in science. I say again, because it is not the first time I haveContinue reading “How to fix a broken system?”