Punch the day away

I only had one real job* for today. How come I spent much of my time drinking non-alcoholic Christmas punch – without finishing the job at all. Or even starting it in the first place?

I guess I was more in a holiday mood than in any other mood. The punch was good, and it was fun chatting with a small group of people.

Sometimes you have to allow yourself to do nothing. Relaxation repairs a lot of damage that builds up over continued stress. I’ve had my fair share of stress this year. Today was time to relax at work**.

And now, work is over, and it’s time for a long Christmas break. Merry Christmas everyone!

* The job was uploading data for an accepted paper to Dryad data archives, as part of the final editorial remarks for that paper. To make things understandable for others, I try to write understandable metadata (something that’s been an interesting subject of discussion in our group lately). I may have done a poorer job at this in the past, so I try to improve. And this – and also the list of editorial remarks – always takes more time than you think.

** The job literally only affects me. My slacking today didn’t negatively affect anyone else. Nobody will do this job for me, either. So who cares if I do it now, tomorrow, or after Christmas? No one gave me a deadline. I think…

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