I forgot it was Sunday…

Today we wanted to enjoy the snow once more, after getting a little teaser yesterday. We decided we would go to one of our favorite reachable spots to hike – snow or no snow; the Spitsingsee lake. Yesterday, we encountered only a few people. Yesterday was dull and grey. Yesterday was also Saturday, shopping day for almost every German. Therefore, Saturdays are always your best bet. Today, being Sunday, was a little different. There’s literally nothing to do in the entire country, except going outside, or staying home. Throw in a little sunshine, and everyone naturally goes outside. The mountains being the top spot to enjoy the outside, means very very busy places. It didn’t help that the snow was the first snow of the season, and the weekend, apparently, was the first open skiing weekend since the pandemic. We endured all the traffic jams, and made it up to the Spitsingsee, only to find out that the traffic jam that we saw in the other direction when we drove up, consisted of all the people that hadn’t secured a parking spot. We joined in line with the rest of the losers, took a peek at the beautiful frozen and snowed-under lake, and rolled back down… A clear case of nope.

It’s also pretty before going uphill towards the Spitsingsee

Instead we decided to drive a little further up the main road to Bayrischzell, and just parked at the first parking lot we found. To be honest, it doesn’t matter where you go. Everything is full of snow, and everything is pretty. Nevertheless, it felt a bit like a defeat. We hiked a short loop with the sleigh, which was fun but not optimal. On the way back home, we saw all the people that had the same wonderful idea today, and the way back was long and slow. We ended up spending six hours inside the car today, and only a little more than two outside. I prefer the ratio the other way around. We’ll have another try next week. Then we can perhaps be on-site earlier, as we plan to sleep in the van.

The first parking lot – Wendelstein 🚠
I think Lara and Rafa enjoyed it regardless of the scenery

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