I can’t do anything right

The time has come where my two year-old has officially started hating me. My God, it’s intense. It’s almost like I can do nothing right. Putting him to bed has become a struggle lately. Afternoon naps have been swept off the menu entirely. If I try, he just throws a tantrum. Inside, all he wantsContinue reading “I can’t do anything right”

Diffused transformation

This title will mean absolutely nothing if you’re not familiar with cornsnakes. Sorry about that. I like vague and cryptic titles. My blog is not a scientific paper, so there are no rules on what the title should be, and, well, fuck it, I’m the editor in this journal! For those of you that areContinue reading “Diffused transformation”

Tea, crackers, and a blanket

Splitting headaches and the feeling that something is trying to tear my guts out. That’s my summary for the day. Fuck, I feel horrible. Dragged myself though an important and good (online) meeting this afternoon, but that’s really all I managed to get done. I even fell asleep on the couch at 6pm. Who doesContinue reading “Tea, crackers, and a blanket”

Wednesdays – the new Mondays?

For quite a long time I absolutely hated Mondays. For some reason I managed to lose all confidence and trust in my own skills over the weekend – every weekend. Imposter syndrome is a real bitch. Since introducing a Monday morning team meeting – where we talk through the tasks of the week, and comeContinue reading “Wednesdays – the new Mondays?”

Estimated contribution: zero

I don’t understand university politics and decision making. Maybe politics in general. But most certainly university politics. What’s the deal with their decision making? Our university, like much of the rest of the country, had a so called covid 3G regulation in place, where the G’s are for (German translations of) tested, vaccinated, or recovered.Continue reading “Estimated contribution: zero”

A long and tough week

For the past couple of days, I’ve spent most of my waking hours taking care of a sick family. Luckily, my wife Heike was ‘only’ sick for about 36 hours, during which she could barely move. Our baby daughter Lara was a breeze through all this, she loved lying in bed with mommy all day.Continue reading “A long and tough week”

The fourth wave – the highest of all

I had almost forgotten about the third wave, and the two before it. We were all feeling great, to be honest. This fourth wave, it sort of snuck upon us. We didn’t see it coming, and boom, suddenly it was there, with a force that outweighed all previous waves. Although there certainly are some parallelsContinue reading “The fourth wave – the highest of all”