It didn’t taste like cake…

My colleagues have been pretty busy in my absence, when I was gone on parental leave. This morning, I introduced our daughter Lara to the group of colleagues at TUM, and brought something sweet to celebrate during the coffee break. My colleagues brought their latest creative outburst – a diaper cake. Not really a cake,Continue reading “It didn’t taste like cake…”

A recipe that works

I have heard so many times that people use particular excuses for why they don’t write, or struggle at writing. “I cannot write”, or “I suck at writing”. Or the best one, “yeah, I suffer from writer’s block”. Hell no! No you don’t. You can write, and the only reason you suck at writing isContinue reading “A recipe that works”

Some of the worst…

I was just browsing through Twitter this evening. What else to do on a night when the entire family decides to fall asleep. It didn’t take long before I stumbled on this fantastic tweet: The tweet just made me laugh out loud. What. Wait. How? For those of you not familiar with Stephen Heard, he’sContinue reading “Some of the worst…”

One is already horrible, but two is really too much

Life as a parent is pretty rough. And since our family expansion, it has not become any easier. The toughest part for me is when kids are in pain or otherwise upset, and you really cannot do anything about it. Our son is generally a careful kid, doesn’t fall all too often, and he seemsContinue reading “One is already horrible, but two is really too much”

That wasn’t so bad, was it?

He thought he was pretty cool, that guy, Ctesibus, when he invented the alarm clock back in the day in ancient Greece. Google tells me he designed an elaborate system that dropped pebbles into some kind of gong. A waste of pebbles. Probably not the best for the sound quality of the gong, either. AnContinue reading “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”