Green, yellow, orange, red, and a bit of grey

We didn’t really make plans for this weekend. So, this morning we were contemplating about what we would do today. We considered going to Munich today, but somehow, every time we do this, we decide to go somewhere else instead. The same happened today, and in the end we decided to go to Landshut, a medium-sized city about 40km away from here, and its most noteworthy feat is a brick church tower that is not only pretty, but also the tallest (?) In the world. I’m too lazy to look it up, but I think that was it.

I had forgotten how pretty the provincial roads towards the east are. The majority of this stretch is lined with sycamores, and to be honest, the sunny weather and timing of autumn were perfect, and the colors were certainly more spectacular than those of the sycamores in the Ahornboden, which we visited last week. Unfortunately, I had my hands on the wheel, so no pictures. Use your imagination. Road, pretty trees, beautiful colors, green, yellow, orange and red, and the bright sunshine, to bring out the best.

Landshut is a nice town, with a size that makes it slightly more interesting than Freising. However, as with most towns in Bavaria, it more or less closes down on Saturday afternoon. Many places close at 2pm and even though there’s still enough going on, this gives a strange vibe, as if the shops don’t want people there. We used the opportunity to also visit a larger clothing store, where I could finally get myself a suit for the multiple weddings we got lined up for the coming year. I hate suits, and may hate shopping even more. Nonetheless, we managed to get everything done, and I hope I succeeded in finding a grey suit that doesn’t make me look too ridiculous. It’s not as colorful as the autumn trees, but I’m fine with being the boring inconspicuous person on parties. I’m not a party person anyway.

After this couple of hours filled with stressful shopping and suit fitting with young kids, it was time to drive back. Luckily, the beautiful trees were still there, to lift the mood a bit. Autumn can be pretty beautiful. I may not have appreciated this season’s beauty enough in the past.

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