Cornsnake Update (pt. 1)

I wrote some time ago about a couple of new additions to the household. I have kept snakes for the majority of the past 25 years, although over the past three years or so, I have owned none. My PhD kept me busy enough, and I could not really divide my attention enough to care for them as I would want to. However, these past two years I have felt quite strange about it, as if a part of me was missing. For this reason, I started looking around again with some of my breeder friends from the past. I could not resist the urge to buy a couple of pretty cornsnakes. A couple of months ago I first introduced them, but they are really starting to grow already, and I thought an update would be nice. In any case, snake pictures are nicer than hearing me ramble, so it’s your lucky day!

Hypo piedsided bloodred male – small but intense colors already
Piedsided granite (anery bloodred) female – curious to see how the patterns will develop on this one
Hypo bloodred motley male – in shed
Hypo bloodred motley female – freshly shed, and brighter than ever
Ghost (hypo anery) bloodred motley female – growing fast, the second biggest of the bunch
Bloodred female – a chunky little snake with an appetite to match

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