It didn’t taste like cake…

My colleagues have been pretty busy in my absence, when I was gone on parental leave. This morning, I introduced our daughter Lara to the group of colleagues at TUM, and brought something sweet to celebrate during the coffee break. My colleagues brought their latest creative outburst – a diaper cake. Not really a cake, but a towering structure taking the shape of a multi-layered cake, obviously made out of diapers. Clean ones, that is. As decoration, my colleagues went out and about to get everything you might need to raise a baby. I don’t think we need to go baby-shopping ever again.

Huge diaper layer cake

I don’t know what it is, but I felt quite moved that people arranged something special for me and my family. It’s not about the gifts. It’s more about the gesture. About people sitting together and spending their personal free time on something made especially for me, for my family, for a tiny little baby. I’m not used to receiving creative gifts much. My own family or friends at home wouldn’t even prepare something like this. It’s very un-Dutch, I suppose – but I love it nonetheless. It makes you feel quite special and appreciated. It made me feel happy to be back among colleagues and friends.

Thanks to my sweet Terrestrial Ecology Group colleagues, for the nice morning break and the creativity. Lara has been smiling all day :). She must be thinking about all the diapers she can fill…

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