I think I could live here

Montbrun-les-bains is wonderful. We have spent a couple of nights in this small hillside town now, and it has all I could ask for. The town is small enough to be quiet, but big enough to be interesting. It has a small handful of restaurants, a small supermarket, and some places that are open all day to have a coffee. The campsite is quiet, and somehow cozy. This afternoon we hiked around the nearby hill, a short 6km or so hike. The hiking trails were excellent but empty. Views over grasslands, small-scale lavender fields, and small hills and mountains as far as the eye can see.

I start to understand why so many artists, a notable example of course being Vincent van Gogh, were drawn to this area. The scenery here almost demands to be painted. It’s an excellent environment to get away from disturbances, and focus on specific tasks. I could see myself rent a small cabin here and write a book, or a paper, or draw a complete collection of the local flora, anything really. Half of the day for work, the other half for dozing in the sun, or going on a stroll. Heck, I might even pick up my yoga routine. (I should.) To be honest, I could do most on my to-do list for the coming year from here without difficulty. If only… Maybe. Someday… Ahh, well. A man can dream…

Mt Ventoux in the back
Saturday market – also cute.

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